Auricular mange is caused by a mite that feeds on the rabbit skin , causing an extremely pruritic skin disease , with lots of crusts and exudates round the ears and face . Other types of mange can extend to the whole body and might also cause disease in human beings .
Diagnosis of mange requires examination of skin scrapings under the microscope . Treatment should only be prescribed by a licensed veterinarian in order to avoid toxicity .
Dog , cat and rabbit fleas can cause dermatitis and pruritus , treament is similar to that used in dogs and cats and requires medical advice .
Ringworm or cutaneous dermatophytosis in an individual skin disease caused by fungi , affecting the upper layers of the epidermis , the hair follicule and hair shaft . Diagnosis requires culture of lesions and hair . Treatment should be implemented by a veterinarian . Might be contagious to humans .
Face dermatitis might be caused by several bacteria , and makes the rabbit rub its face with the front legs , causing crusts and exudate . It is extremely contagious and requires special treatment and environmental measures .

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